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December 2018

POWER at a glance

The project "Political and sOcial awareness on Water EnviRonmental challenges" (POWER) is funded by the European Union under Horizon 2020. It aims to support the local level in realising its full potential concerning water management and in implementing a better communication with its residents, in order to change behaviours and attitudes towards water. To reach that goal, it has set up social platforms for 4 cities (Jerusalem, Leicester, Milton Keynes and Sabadell). The platforms engage with the public, raise awareness about water challenges and give the opportunity to support new water policy initiatives. Another feature is a collaborative best practices platform, presenting solutions from cities worldwide to overcome water-related challenges and allowing discussion and exchange on this topic.

Further information on http://www.power-h2020.eu

Be part of POWER! For citizens: Download the new app. For municipalities: Get your own POWER DSP for free.

In order to reach and connect people worldwide, the POWER project already runs four digital social platforms (DSPs), which as POWER Water Communities look at the water-related challenges facing the cities of Leicester and Milton Keynes as well as the water utilities Hagihon (Jerusalem) and CASSA (Sabadell). These digital social platforms are the central tool that is offered to communities as part of a free open source software to enable new exchange opportunities and thus make an important contribution to the creation of digital communities.

Similar to Facebook, citizens can register at the POWER Water Communities to comment on the topics presented there. But even people from outside the municipality, who for example deal with similar topics, can take part in discussions via the DSP in order to obtain advice or also to pass on their knowledge - be it representatives of other towns and cities, experts from practice or science, politicians, companies, students, etc. Everyone has the opportunity to have a say and make environmental issues even more visible.

To make participation in the DSPs even easier, the POWER Communities are now available as a mobile version, which can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play or the App Store. Registration is, of course, non-binding.

If you are a city and interested in our open source POWER DSP software, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Contact: Nina Stiehr, Climate Alliance

Application deadline for the POWER Idea contest extended to 31st January 2019 & new competition for local authorities is now open for entries

Are you a social entrepreneur, innovator, activist, student or simply someone who cares about moving towards a sustainable future? With an extension until 31st January 2019 you can still submit ideas to the POWER Idea contest that addresses water-related environmental challenges. Your idea can be a new app that connects eco-activists, a device or a technology that measures your water consumption, an educational program for school kids – or anything that comes to your mind and helps dealing with sustainability challenges locally. The POWER project wants to reward ten idea creators who are thinking about a more sustainable future by helping to put their ideas into practice. The submission deadline for the Idea contest has been extended to the 31st January 2019, and you can join here.

The Best Practice Repository Contest has also been launched, and we are looking forward to receiving submissions of best practices from local representatives of municipalities and organisations to showcase the global diversity of great projects implemented directly by cities and communities, and disseminate them to a wider audience. The three most innovative projects will receive the Best Practice Award at our POWER Conference. More information about the Best Practice Repository Contest and how you can enter is available here.


Kalina Drenska, European Institute for Participatory Media (EIPCM)
Nina Stiehr, Climate Alliance

To watch the POWER Idea Contest video, click here:

Save the date: POWER ConCensus workshops to strengthen citizen engagement

The concept of the POWER DSP goes beyond the capabilities of traditional DSPs as it is bi-directionally linked to local activities and strengthens the process of citizen engagement through ConCensus to bring citizens' needs and knowledge directly into local politics. This aspect makes our DSP special compared to others and can be highlighted as a unique selling point. In order to locate this concept in the different pilot cities, a series of workshops will be offered at the beginning of 2019:

  1. Milton Keynes in the first week of February;
  2. Jerusalem in the second week of February;
  3. Sabadell during the final two weeks of February;
  4. Leicester in the first week of March.

If you are interested to participate, please contact Darsheet Chauhan, Leicester City Council

Save the date: POWER Follower City Conference in Pisa


The first POWER Follower City Conference will be held in Pisa, Italy, on Friday 12th April 2019. The venue of the conference will be the Palazzo del Consiglio dei Dodici, in Piazza dei Cavalieri, one of the most beautiful and central squares in Pisa.

The conference welcomes the POWER Follower Cities and other interested municipalities with the desire that the event will prove to be an important step in the progress of the POWER initiative but, above all will provide the invited municipalities with a series of solutions to the engagement of their citizens in global environmental issues that will affect the future well-being of their communities.

Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • The role of POWER in cities;
  • Introduction to the POWER Follower City network;
  • The experience of the POWER Key Demonstration Cities.

Give power to your city: save the date, and see you in Pisa.

Contact: Luciana Ferrari, CUBIT

Design Bootcamps for Digital Social Innovations on Water Challenges

Between November 2nd and November 29th 2018 the EIPCM team in close collaboration with local POWER partners have led five design sprint workshops in Berlin, Sofia (in co-operation with United Ideas for Bulgaria), Leicester (in co-operation with the DMU), in Sabadell (in co-operation with CASSA) and in Milton Keynes (in co-operation with the Milton Keynes City Council). The Design Sprint Workshops were part of the POWER Idea Contest for Sustainable Communities. They offered the opportunity to test creative ways to promote bottom-up development of ideas that offer solutions for sustainability and water-related challenges.

The workshops were structured as a compact and specifically adapted version of the Design Sprint methodology used by Google to foster their product innovation process. The main goals of the workshops were:

  1. To facilitate and support the bottom-up idea creation in a structured manner.
  2. To test a specific method of group engagement that increases the online participation and use of the different POWER DSPs.

A total of 54 creative people took part in the design workshops. At the end of each event, the participants had a prototype sketch of a new idea, which they submitted to the POWER Idea contest for Sustainable Communities. There they received community feedback and can now win support for the implementation of their idea. Above all, the participants had a lot of fun!

Contact: Mathias Becker, European Institute for Participatory Media (EIPCM)

POWER at ICT4Water Conference in Vienna

POWER was recently in Vienna at the European Commission's ICT2018 Conference and Exhibition (Dec 4 - 6). The conference programme featured plenary sessions on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Next Generation Internet, Digital Skills and High-Performance Computing. Drawing together international representatives from industry, academia, policy and civil society, the focus for the event was successful digital transformation of Europe.
POWER project team members welcomed many visitors to an exhibition booth shared with three other projects from the ICT4Water cluster. Together, these innovative projects are working towards solutions for Smart Water for a Digital Single Market for water services. POWER's digital water community platforms were demonstrated throughout the three days (Luca Tavanti, CUBIT, is here pictured at the POWER booth), and Anna Strzelecka, DMU, introduced the POWER project in a networking session 'EU funded projects towards a Smart Water Task Force'.

International Conference 2019 in Leicester (UK) on Energising the UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) through appropriate technology and governance

Call for Papers
The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development (IESD) with the support of Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR) and the Centre for Enterprise and Innovation at De Montfort University (Leicester, UK) is organising an international conference in July 2019 in Leicester on Energising the UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) through appropriate technology and governance.

Four main themes are of particular interest:

  • Solutions for the base of the pyramid population, including gender inequality solutions
  • Solutions for sustainable communities and sustainable living (both urban and rural)
  • Solutions for a low carbon pathway
  • Sustainable enterprise and social innovation

Invited are contributions from researchers, academics and other stakeholders on the interaction of appropriate technology and governance in these areas. Please send a structured abstract of 500 words by 15th January 2019 indicating the purpose of the work, the methodology used, main findings and your recommendations for energising the implementation of SDGs by 2030. A review panel will consider all abstracts. The Authors of the accepted abstracts will be asked to submit the full paper (with a page limit of 8 A4 sides) by 30th April 2019. At least one author will have to present the paper in the conference.

Important Dates:
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15th January 2019
Acceptance information sent to authors: 28 February 2019
Deadline for full paper submission 30th April 2019
Conference presentation 4-5, July 2019

For further information, please visit the conference website or contact:

Mail: Prof. Subhes Bhattacharyya, IESD
Tel: +44 - 116 - 257 79 75

EDI-Net helps municipalities to save water

The EDI-Net (Energy Data Innovation Network) initiative analyses and communicates sub-hourly smart meter data on water, gas and electricity for municipalities to identify waste and saving opportunities, reduce consumption and save money. The public buildings are not evaluated qualitatively on the basis of structural preconditions, but quantitatively on the basis of previous year's data, which serve as a reference. This can be done very simply using easy-to-understand smileys that show an evaluation of consumption. In Nuremberg, Germany, where the EDI-Net tool is implemented, some successes have already been achieved, as the city’s energy manager Alexander Nordhus explains:

“As an energy manager, you have to keep an eye on the energy consumption of many buildings. At the beginning of May, the daily routine of checking all smiley faces for two meters showed an unusually high water consumption. One of the buildings is a large school of more than 10,000 m2, the other is a residential home for homeless people with a living space of around 3,000 m2.

In the men's hostel, the cause was quickly discovered: a hose used to fill a garden pond with water was not switched off after the pond had been filled. As a result, water was continuously flushed into the garden and seeped away. At school, the search for the reason took longer. On the occasion of a special school event, the toilets were put into continuous operation but were forgotten so that they were flushed every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. In both cases, EDI-Net contributed to saving more than 1,300 m3 of water - and thus around 6,500 euros!”

The initiative is aimed at decision-makers from the public sector, financial planners, energy and building managers and building users. An online forum and workshops will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices to help public authorities implement their sustainable water action plans.

For more information, please visit the EDI-Net website or contact EDI-Net at:

Mail: info[at]edi-net.eu
Tel: +49 - 69 - 717 139 60

Events To Come

Creating a Flood Resilient Nation:
Ensuring UK Flood Preparedness in a Changing Climate

14th February 2019 in London, UK

Topics of the conference are the current situation of the national flood protection system and associated strategies. In addition, future challenges for the population and their solutions will be discussed.

More information


25th - 26th April 2019 in Horsens, Denmark

This event gathers experts from academia and industry working to understand the diverse aspects of how biofilm impacts drinking water including water safety, microbial monitoring and applied biofilm research.

More information

EU Sustainable Energy Week

17th - 21st June 2019 in Brussels, Belgium

The highlight of the EU Sustainable Energy Week is the annual Policy Conference. It features leading figures and a diverse programme of sessions and side events aimed at discussing and shaping Europe's energy future.

More information

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